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Hey, I'm just a closet anime watcher with hidden talents; currently enrolled in university and majoring in biology~!

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Haru has two a(sses)ces up the sleeve ;)


Okay, so here’s my one-two on the whole thing. I consider us to have won in a certain sense. Because we still successfully made a big fucking fool out of MTV. And its very clear that they were well aware of the fact. Despite being one of four finalists, they only gave us a 3 second mention (Maybe even shorter than that) literally just to say the name of the show and move on, while spending far longer mentioning shows that didn’t even make it to the finals. For all we know, we may actually have won- but wanting to avoid looking like fools, MTV may have actually rigged it, things like this have been known to of happened before. But we’ll never know.

Yet here’s why I think, in a sense, we won. We made it the finals- of all the shows we were up against, we made it to be one of four finalists. They can’t deny that fact. We made it that far, and that is a fact. And finally, as one of the finalists, even though it was for only three seconds, we were mentioned, we were shown. Gay swimming anime was broadcasted across the nation via MTV for three seconds. I think that’s enough.


please read/watch this series its really cute


I'm Nozaki Umeko pyon~
Noragami OAD 2 || Happy Birthday Dee

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